Today I am sending my first newsletter in nearly two years.  Our lives have changed in so many ways since then.  Like you, I search for meaning and struggle to make sense of it all.  Through music I try to cope and occupy my mind, and sometimes it will offer me insight and grace. 

I believe Apocalypse, came to me as a gift from the universe.  My recording and release of this song is my little gift to you and passing the light onward.  My friend and teacher, Becca Stuhlbarg, has kindly shared the following description of her experience in listening to this song. 

"Ragon Linde's song "Apocalypse" speaks to a poignant and personal loss, the likes of which many of us have experienced on some level, especially during this year of great change. As a yoga teacher, I appreciate the reference to Shiva, the deity associated with destruction in the Hindu trilogy. This feels like just the right energy to cultivate in this age of significant endings and new beginnings. I also connect deeply with the gentle groove and rich harmonies in this musical expression of grief and longing; as a voice teacher and fellow singer-songwriter, I resonate with Ragon's expressive vocal stylings and beautiful guitar solo. "Apocalypse" is truly a song of our times, one with great healing potential as we collectively strive to let go of patterns and structures that no longer serve us." 

Rebecca Stuhlbarg (Ford) M.A., RYT 
Soprano/ Voice Teacher 
Founder and Teacher, SingFree Vocal Yoga 

I hope you find your own personal meaning, healing, and relief through Apocalypse.  Humble blessings to you in these uncertain times.