Ragon Linde

Ragon is a music professional working as a solo performer and recording artist, music teacher, recording engineer, radio DJ, and supporting musician. Originally from Oklahoma, Ragon has called Portland home since 2006. Their background includes working as a multi-instrumentalist in many genres of music, teaching, internet radio, and on the board of directors for a music education non-profit.

You can find Ragon’s solo work on all major streaming services. On top of their solo recording and performing work they also play drums in four Portland bands: Bug Complex, a Pink Floyd tribute band - Comfortably Numb, and a Cure tribute band - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. Ragon loves all music genres and they are especially a big fan of Prog Rock. You can catch their weekly Prog Rock radio show on Tuesdays on Shady Pines Radio.

Ragon is also a music teacher for School of Rock, Ethos Music (MusicCorps After School Program), and Oregon Music Academy (Tigard) where they teach Drums, Guitar, Voice, and Bass.