1. Suspended

From the recording Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time

Words by Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk
Music by Ragon Linde


I am orphaned at the center.
The bridge yaws side to side
ululates beneath my feet.
To you fixed in domicile’s unyielding grip,
it appears I stand upon ribbon candy
little between me and death.
Yet to me this axis is a nest, a nest
as secure as any, even the cracked boards,
even the rope rails hook me far better than your slick, marble stairs.
Yet my jangling course sways unnecessarily, irritates you
where you stand locked in your door, taut, waiting for me to enter my own settled house.
I am orphaned at the center.
Only my shadow will complete
this journey which I have decided
must settle right here, right now, far from the end, the end.