From the recording Let's Count Silences

This is an exciting month for me with the release of my second album - Under the Covers. The album features a polished vocal and acoustic guitar driven re-visit of 15 cover songs with a modern mix and splash of fresh synthesizer riffs. The bonus track and first Single, Let's Count Silences, is an original song that blends the vibe of the covers with a taste of what I have in store for the future!


Let’s Count Silences
Music by Ragon Linde
Words by A. Molotkov
Verse 1
Let’s count silences
Let’s share absence
On a vast snow field
Of life’s empty page
Our words
Are grains of sand
And yet
We are a story
That took fourteen billion years
To write itself
Verse 2
How much sand
Does it take
To defeat entropy?
And I wonder
About all that sand
All that snow