From the recording Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time

Words and Music by Ragon Linde


Angry White Man, what hangs in your head?
Angry White Man, who isn’t listening to you?
What does it feel like in the pit of your gut?
How long has it been since you felt understood?  
Was it one person or episode?
or a lifetime of betrayal that left you this way?
Everything has to be black and white.
Please I don’t want to end up like you.
You scare people off who may fuck up your lawn
which welcomes no one but the scorching hot sun
Everything has to be black and white
Order and rules, keep ‘em in tightly drawn boxes
You fear the lazy, the humble, and sick
Those with different traditions, ideas, and concepts
Draw lines upon maps and say live over there
or better yet far from here
Somewhere deep inside that child was ignored
Who grew up to build walls from the people he cared for
Everything has to be black and white
Jaded, heart hardened, with your piercing mean looks
You isolate yourself and shut your blinds
in that faux upscale midtown apartment
You shout get out get out! You use hurtful insults.
that pierce through the most vulnerable parts!
Loud voices and conjured fears
Submissive bots who consent without love
Crush those where they are vulnerable and weak
Oh angry white man what kind of world do you want?