The Moving Song

The Moving Song is about my family's journey in moving from Oklahoma to Oregon in 2006.  This happy blue grass number talks about starting anew in life, growth, and forgiveness.  The B-Side song on this EP is a fresh recording of one of my favs from my 2011 debut album Both Sides of the Story.  Originally written about 911, this song also has fresh meaning to me in seeing common ground, accepting our differences, and forgiveness. 

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N.B. (standing for non-binary) is a fun song exploring my thoughts on gender identity and me coming out as identifying such. Lyrical contributions from Grey Graham-Atkinson

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The Eternal Shore

The debut album from Ragon Linde was a double CD collection entitled Both Sides of the Story. Disk 1 contained a 3 part piece called the Eternal Shore. It was interspersed with a similar vibe instrumental called the High Plains. These 4 pieces are being released as a stand-alone EP. Lyrics taken from the story of the same title written by Anatoly Molotkov. Music written and performed by Ragon Linde.

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Burn is the first track I have completed and recorded for my next album Homer. I have decided to release the tracks as I finish them and will release a final version of all songs in an album format. This song was written about the 2017 Columbia Gorge Fire but has new meaning as I watch things important to me burn from afar. Destruction begets new life; that's what this song is about. Spacey sounds! Enjoy accompanying vocals from Lydia Ledgerwood-Eberlein.

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The Instrumentals

Releasing instrumental tracks from previous releases Both Sides of the Story (2011) and Under the Covers (2015). Songs range from hard rock to classical to avant garde.

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Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time

Borrowed stories placed into borrowed funk beats.

Ragon Linde Lead and backing vocals, electric guitars, bass guitar, and drums

Featuring Performances by:

Michael Crowther Alto Saxophone on Tracks 1-9 and 10

Peter De Les Dernier Keyboards and synthesizers on all Tracks

Louis Doherty Tenor Saxophone on Tracks 1-9 and 10 Baritone Saxophone on Track 6

Conifer Linde Trumpet on Tracks 1-9 and 10

Horn arrangements Ragon Linde and Louis Doherty Produced by Ragon Linde All songs Engineered by Ragon Linde All Tracks Mixed and Mastered by Justin Phelps, The Hallowed Halls in Portland, Oregon. Cover Sketch and Design by Linda Maddocks in Portland, Oregon Graphic Design by Kai Rosehill

CONTACT: © SLJ Productions ASCAP Copyright 2018

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Cathedral for Healing

Cathedral for Healing is a live improvisational piece performed on January 22nd, 2017 at The Analog Theater in Portland, OR.  The performance, given the evening following the 2017 Women’s March, is meant to describe feelings of anger, anxiety, uncertainty, and peace.

Proceeds from “Cathedral for Healing” will be donated to Amnesty International.    

Ragon Linde – electric guitar, synthesizer, percussion

Kevin Lay – electric guitar, tin whistle, vocals

Recorded live at The Analog Theater in Portland, Oregon

Produced by Ragon Linde

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Ragon Linde in Portland, Oregon

Photography by Lizzy MacKenzie

Cover Layout and Design - Ragon Linde


© SLJ Productions ASCAP

Copyright 2017

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APEX - Live at Tsunami Sushi

Live at Tsunami Sushi
Tulsa, OK – July 2005

2005, I was in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of my life. Two years earlier, I had been fired from high power job with a large wireless company. My actions deservedly led to this. By 2005 I was accumulating a large amount of debt, working six jobs, and I found myself forming a jazz trio with my cousin Ben and good friend Tim DeMoss. Over the course of our short existence (about 6 months), we recorded many hours of jazz standards and improvisational free jazz. Another local free jazz group named Milk Truck captured one of our live performances, without our planning or knowledge. A few weeks later, we were handed a CD with Set 1 from that show (if anyone has Set 2 please contact me!), what an excellent surprise!! Throughout the last ten years of moving to Portland (and going to work for another large wireless company) I often listen to this live performance. I remember this evening like it was last night. I released several personal demons that night, and I feel it comes across in our playing. It is an honor after all these years to present the re-mastered recordings for APEX, Live and Tsunami Sushi, recorded on a Saturday night in July of 2005 in the heart of downtown Tulsa! This album is 100% improvisational free jazz. To the other players of APEX, I love you and miss you and I hope one day we can join together again to rekindle the unique power and magic that was APEX! – Ragon Linde, Drums and Percussion

1. Intro
2. Here we Go
3. Impending Storm
4. Bugs
5. Stretching the Horizon
6. Lonely Voice in the Crowd

Tim DeMoss – Piano and Keyboards
Ben Linde – Electric Guitar
Ragon Linde – Drums and Electronic Percussion

Also Featuring:
Matteo Bacchetti - Saxophone 
Damien Hartzell – Electric Guitar on Track 6
Phillip Phillip’s - Electric Guitar 

All tracks recorded live in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Produced by Ragon Linde
All songs Engineered by Milk Truck
Mixed, and Mastered by Ragon Linde in Portland, Oregon 

Photography by Ragon Linde in Tulsa, OK
Cover Layout and Design - Ragon Linde


© SLJ Productions ASCAP
Copyright 2016


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I am Scared

“I am Scared” is a single release inspired by the 2016 Election in the United States.  The song is written from the perspective of a fictional person of color, immigrant, refugee, queer, and/or non-Christian.  You pick, we are all scared right now.  Proceeds from “I am Scared” will be donated to Amnesty International.    


New Single - I am Scared


 “Transitions” is an acoustic 8 song EP of Covers and Originals highlighting several pop styles.  

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With Babies and Dogs

Recorded from live performances at Vox Academy on November 14th, 2015 and The White Oak Event Center on December 5th, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

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2015 was an important year in my musical and professional growth! With the release of my second studio album, Under the Covers, I was able to bring a long-term goal to fruition. In that, I was able to mark a milestone in my development as a vocalist, arranger, and recording artist. Following the release of Covers, I was able to share these songs with many of you in several differing performance settings. This process culminated with two late fall concerts, evenings which I shall cherish for a long time to come. The title of this live album, with babies and dogs, is recognition to the loving and intimate surroundings that you, my dear friends, provided me as I had the privilege of presenting these pieces. I am humbled and energized by the support you have given me. This record is for you!

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