May we honor and acknowledge our own efforts and sacrifices, the work of our divine friends and loved ones, and the works of human kind with the universal gift of music.  Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day 2006, I arrived to an empty apartment in Portland, OR having just driven nearly 2000 miles from Tulsa, OK.  Today, a decade later, I am recognizing the biggest decision of my life with the release of an EP named "Transitions".  “Transitions” is an acoustic 8 song EP of Covers and Originals highlighting several pop styles.  Over the coming days onFacebook, I will be recounting some of the stories and reasons for why I chose to record and release these particular songs.  The common theme however is the humbling love and support I have received from my family and friends in both of the places that I consider home, Oklahoma and Oregon.  Following is the Track listing:

  1. Criminal* - Fiona Apple
  2. Dreaming the Time Away – Ragon Linde and Charlie Kersch
  3. The Supermen* - David Bowie
  4. Fatigue – Ragon Linde and A. Molotkov
  5. Bravado* - Rush
  6. Odd Hours – Ragon Linde and Bruce Greene
  7. Erratica*  - Caetano Veloso and featuring Tim DeMoss on Piano
  8. Change of Heart – Ragon Linde

*Used by Permission

"Transitions" is being released in an on-line only downloadable format from the following music retail locations:

You can also stream "Transitions" on Spotify and Apple Music.
Once again, I offer my most sincere and humble appreciation to you, my dear friends for your on-going support and encouragement.  Please pick-up your copy of "Transitions" today and share it with your family and friends during your Labor Day cook-out!!