Ragon Linde

With Babies and Dogs

by Ragon Linde

Released 2016
Slj Productions
Released 2016
Slj Productions
Recorded from live performances at Vox Academy on November 14th, 2015 and The White Oak Event Center on December 5th, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.
Ragon Linde
with babies and dogs
Recorded Live in Portland, OR

2015 was an important year in my musical and professional growth! With the release of my second studio album, Under the Covers, I was able to bring a long-term goal to fruition. In that, I was able to mark a milestone in my development as a vocalist, arranger, and recording artist. Following the release of Covers, I was able to share these songs with many of you in several differing performance settings. This process culminated with two late fall concerts, evenings which I shall cherish for a long time to come. The title of this live album, with babies and dogs, is recognition to the loving and intimate surroundings that you, my dear friends, provided me as I had the privilege of presenting these pieces. I am humbled and energized by the support you have given me. This record is for you!

1. Fake Plastic Trees* - Radiohead and featuring Saffire Bouchelion
2. Enjoy the Silence* - Depeche Mode and featuring Saffire Bouchelion
3. At Seventeen* - Janice Ian and featuring Saffire Bourchelion and Conifer Linde
4. Hallelujah* - Leonard Cohen and Featuring Saffire Bouchelion
5. The Eternal Shore Pt1 – Ragon Linde and A. Molotkov
6. Mood for a Day* - Steve Howe
7. Love on the Rocks* - Neil Diamond
8. Crying* - Roy Orbison
9. Child Inside – Ragon Linde, Scott Butler, and Cayla Butler
10. Baker Street* - Gerry Rafferty
11. Sunken Waltz* - Calexico and featuring Charlie Kersch
12. On My Way Back Home – Ragon Linde and Scott Butler
13. Losing It* - Rush
14. Transcendent Love – Ragon Linde, Scott Butler, Cayla Butler
15. Helplessly Hoping* - Crosby Stills & Nash
16. Space Oddity* - David Bowie
17. Praludium IV* - Dmitri Shostakovich and featuring Laura Stahman
18. Time* – Pink Floyd and featuring Dave Unitan and Charlie Kersch
19. Turn on a Dime – Ragon Linde
20. Midnight Radio* - Big Head Todd and the Monsters
21. Let’s Count Silences - Ragon Linde and A. Molotkov and featuring Linda Jo Reinhard
22. Tangled Mess (Bonus Track1) – Portland Eclectic Music Society
23. Let it Go (Bonus Track2) - Portland Eclectic Music Society

Ragon Linde - lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

Supporting Musicians:

Saffire Bouchelion – Percussion and Backing Vocals
Charlie Kersch – Vibrandoneon and Piano
Conifer Linde - Trumpet
Linda Jo Reinhard – Flute and Backing Vocals
‎Laura Stahman - Piano
David Unitan – Acoustic guitar

Bonus Tracks were live improvisational pieces featuring member of the Portland Eclectic Music Society – MaryAnn Amann (Flute), Bruce Bartlett (Percussion), Jo Autumn Brock (Percussion), Kevin Lay Bryant (Percussion), Charlie Kersch (Keyboards), Ragon Linde (Electric Guitar), and Gabrielle Widman (Vocals).

Recorded from live performances at Vox Academy on November 14th, 2015 and The White Oak Event Center on December 5th, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

Produced by Ragon Linde
All songs Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Ragon Linde in Portland, Oregon.
Photography and video production by Julie Garland and David Unitan
Lighting – David Unitan
Audio Production – Ragon Linde and David Unitan
Cover Layout and Design - Ragon Linde

CONTACT: ragonlinde.com

© SLJ Productions ASCAP
*Used by Permission
Copyright 2016

Special thanks to my lovely wife Kerri, my fans who came and supported me in these shows, Northwest Vocal Yoga, and Vox Academy