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New Project Crowd Funding Campaign



Hello friends!

I am writing today to ask for your help.  I have finished recording tracks for my upcoming funk album entitled "Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time".  Today, I am excited to launch my first crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo to finance the final mixing, mastering, and production so that I can release my new album this fall.  Following is a link to my funding page.  Please take 3 minutes and watch my video to learn more about my project.  Please consider chipping in to help out.  There are several cool perks available for different contribution amounts, but any amount helps me reach my goal of $2000!


As always, thank you for your support and many blessings to you all!!


Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time Crowd Funding


As I celebrate the beginning of my 51st year...


Today I look back on my 50th year with a sense of gratitude in the opportunities and experiences I have been blessed with.  It's been several months since I sent out a newsletter but I feel it fitting today to share some highlights from my journey this year.  I feel in 2017 that my musical efforts are allowing me to shape myself as an Activist, Collaborator, and Entertainer.  Following are some highlights that fall within those soft boundaries...

As an Activist, I put together a performance piece with my friend Kevin Lay called Cathedral for Healing.  We performed this the day after the Women's March and later released this piece as a single.  Proceeds from this piece along with my 2016 single I am Scared will be donated to Amnesty International.  In June, I was invited to accompany a concert by the Bad Ass Women's Choir which benefited Portland's Know Your City project.  And in July, I joined Portland's Revolution Choir which sings original progressive themed songs.  Check out our recordings and video's and learn about our mission at revolutionchoir.com.  We are looking to be very active in 2018 with our mission of impacting the upcoming Midterm Elections!


As a Collaborator, I was honored to be invited to perform along side and accompany my friend Lydia Ledgerwood-Eberlein in her Spring Performance Recital and my long time creative partner A. Molotkov in a Summer Salon presentation.   September was a busy month with 6 performances with the Light Opera of Portland in the presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" where I played percussion in the Pit Orchestra.  And in October I finally went back and marched in the University of Oklahoma Alumni Band at Homecoming!!  Also this year I performed in two seasons with the Vox Academy Healing Voices Choir where I also served as a member of the Vox Board of Directors.  Throughout 2017 I recorded parts for my upcoming album "Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time (BLBT)".  BLBT represents a collaboration with 3 Portland writers, A. Molotkov, Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk, and Paradama Purusha.  Look for the release of BLBT in the summer of 2018!  And, one of my favorite collaborations was forming a new band with my friends Lizzy MacKenzie and Lydia Ledgerwood-Eberlein called LiLyLin; look for our debut feature performance coming up next spring!


Finally, as an Entertainer, I was hired to play 3 birthday parties, 1 wedding, 3 solo gigs at the Growler House in Newberg, OR, host a live Karaoke event at the Growler Housein Sherwood, OR, and I played 2 nights with Peter De Les Dernier in Ouray, CO.  In May I learned and performed my first song in French, "Don Quichotte a Dulcinee" by Muarice Ravel for the NW Vocal Yoga Spring Recital.  And in September while traveling in Alaska, I wrote the lyrics for the album I will work on next which is tentatively entitled "Homer".  Look for the release of "Homer" in 2019!

It was a busy year and I round the corner to year 51 with a sense of gratitude to all of those whom I share my days on this wonderful planet!

Peace and love and Happy Holidays!



2017 First Half Happenings


Hi everyone!  I hope you have experienced blessings in the first half of 2017 and that you have found creativity and mindfulness to bring you strength and balance.  Thank you for opening my newsletter and please allow me to briefly share a few of the goings on in my Music Life.  

This year I have had some really exciting and unique performance opportunities including some Private Functions and playing at the Growler House locations in Newberg and Sherwood.  I am also well into the recording process on my upcoming album "Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time"!


Do you listen to music on Spotify?  If the answer is yes, I need for you to support me there by following me.  This really helps me grow my listening base on this international music platform and to share my music with as many people as possible.  Thank you for your support! 


On May 19th I released a new live single entitled Cathedralcathedral for Healing.  Cathedral for Healing is a live improvisational piece performed by me and Kevin Lay on January 22nd, 2017 at The Analog Theater in Portland, OR.  The performance, given the evening following the 2017 Women’s March, is meant to describe feelings of anger, anxiety, uncertainty, and peace.  Proceeds from “Cathedral for Healing” will be donated to Amnesty International.  Cathedral for Healing is available from CD BabyiTunesAmazon, and many other on-line music retailers.      

New Video Release

So excited to release a third video, "Hallelujah" from my 2015 benefit concert at Vox Academy! Special thanks to Saffire Bouchelion for performing on this piece, Julie M. Garland for the filming and video production, and everyone else who was in attendance that night.



The music of Apex get's a proper release



Apex2005, I was in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of my life. Two years earlier, I had been fired from high power job with a large wireless company. My actions deservedly led to this. By 2005 I was accumulating a large amount of debt, working six jobs, and I found myself forming a jazz trio with my cousin Ben and good friend Tim DeMoss. Over the course of our short existence (about 6 months), we recorded many hours of jazz standards and improvisational free jazz. Another local free jazz group named Milk Truck captured one of our live performances, without our planning or knowledge. A few weeks later, we were handed a CD with Set 1 from that show (if anyone has Set 2 please contact me!), what an excellent surprise!! Throughout the last ten years of moving to Portland (and going to work for another large wireless company) I often listen to this live performance. I remember this evening like it was last night. I released several personal demons that night, and I feel it comes across in this recording. It is an honor after all these years to present the re-mastered recordings for APEX, Live and Tsunami Sushi, recorded on aSaturday night in July of 2005 in the heart of downtown Tulsa! This album, released on my label SLJ Productions, is 100% improvisational free jazz. To the other players of APEX, I love you and miss you and I hope one day we can join together again to rekindle the unique power and magic that was APEX! – Ragon Linde, Drums and Percussion

Pickup "Live at Tsunami Sushi" today!

CD Baby



 You can also stream the new live release on Apple Music and Spotify


2016 - The Final Month


2016 - The Final Month

2016 has been a year of continued personal growth with many musical projects coming to completion and new directions being charted.  The world around me, well to be honest, I am very concerned.  I come to the end of 2016 finding strength from my family and the brave and strong artistic community around me.  Following are a few notes of interest around my music.  Thank you to my community for your love and support during 2016.  Let us stand together brave and strong in 2017.

New Single - I am Scared

i am scaredI am Scared” is a single release inspired by the 2016 Election in the United States. The song is written from the perspective of a fictional person of color, immigrant, refugee, queer, and/or non-Christian. You pick, we are all scared right now. Proceeds from “I am Scared” will be donated to Amnesty International.  You can purchase "I am Scared" on-line as follows:


CD Baby


Amazon - Should be up any day now

You can also stream the new single on Apple Music and Spotify


Healing Voices Choir Concert - Sacred Geometriesvox geom

Healing Voices Choir, in association with Vox Academy, is a chamber choir that I sing in dedicated to healing and empowering our own voices and sharing inspiring music with our community. This concert will feature beautiful works by Arvo Pärt, Ross Lee Finney, McGlynn, Lewandowski and Handel. Rebecca Stuhlbarg is the conductor, and the pianist is Peter Fullerton. Some soloists, including me, will be featured, as well as small group numbers with beautiful harmonies. This joyous choir will also share rounds and sweet, short songs affirming peace and celebrating the coming solstice - please join us in exploring the many shapes of song!

When - Friday, December 16 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Where - Vox Academy, 3300 SE Woodward St., Portland, Oregon 97202

Tickets - $15 Suggested Donation at the door


Ragon Linde with Kevin Lay

afton showFirst show of 2017!! My dear friend and co-collaborator Kevin Lay will be joining me for this performance. Expect a show heavy in experimentation, original music, and angry improvisation! Use the code RAGON343 to get $2 off tickets. Offer expires 12/24. 

When - Sunday, January 22 at 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Where - Analog Cafe, 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Tickets - $11 


Upcoming Benefit Concert and New Video!


Welcome to a beautiful autumn homecoming!

Dear friends,

This coming Saturday will be performing in a benefit for Vox Academy.  I hope you will come join me along with my friends Kevin Lay and Harold Williams as we perform "Songs From Home"!  Following are the details:

Join members of the Vox Academy Community Kevin Bryant, Ragon Linde, and Harold Williams as they present an evening of Songs from Home! Recently Vox Academy completed a move to the beautiful facility of Waverly Heights UCC. In celebration of our new home, these 3 performers will sing songs relating to Transition, Movement, Nostalgia, and Places of the Heart. Enjoy solo self accompanied pieces, duets, and trio pieces in an intimate setting and sharing of community.

Suggested Donation of $15-$20 with all proceeds benefiting Vox Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit serving the needs of the community with the core values of:
- Every voice matters
- All styles of speech and singing are honored
- Growing in awareness of one’s voice leads to greater self-awareness

When: Saturday November 19th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Vox Academy (within Waverly Heights UCC) - 3300 SE Woodward St., Portland, Oregon 97202

Tickets: Suggested door donation of $15-$20

New Video - At Seventeen:

Last year at this time, I just completed the final release concert for my album Under the Covers with a full album performance at Vox Academy.  I am please to release the second video from that concert, At Seventeen!  As with my upcoming concert this weekend, last year I also had the honor to share the stage with so many great performers.  At Seventeen also features my good friend Saffire Bouchelion on Percussion and my son Conifer Linde on Trumpet.  Please check it out on YouTube and share with your friends!! 




May we honor and acknowledge our own efforts and sacrifices, the work of our divine friends and loved ones, and the works of human kind with the universal gift of music.  Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day 2006, I arrived to an empty apartment in Portland, OR having just driven nearly 2000 miles from Tulsa, OK.  Today, a decade later, I am recognizing the biggest decision of my life with the release of an EP named "Transitions".  “Transitions” is an acoustic 8 song EP of Covers and Originals highlighting several pop styles.  Over the coming days onFacebook, I will be recounting some of the stories and reasons for why I chose to record and release these particular songs.  The common theme however is the humbling love and support I have received from my family and friends in both of the places that I consider home, Oklahoma and Oregon.  Following is the Track listing:

  1. Criminal* - Fiona Apple
  2. Dreaming the Time Away – Ragon Linde and Charlie Kersch
  3. The Supermen* - David Bowie
  4. Fatigue – Ragon Linde and A. Molotkov
  5. Bravado* - Rush
  6. Odd Hours – Ragon Linde and Bruce Greene
  7. Erratica*  - Caetano Veloso and featuring Tim DeMoss on Piano
  8. Change of Heart – Ragon Linde

*Used by Permission

"Transitions" is being released in an on-line only downloadable format from the following music retail locations:

You can also stream "Transitions" on Spotify and Apple Music.
Once again, I offer my most sincere and humble appreciation to you, my dear friends for your on-going support and encouragement.  Please pick-up your copy of "Transitions" today and share it with your family and friends during your Labor Day cook-out!!

Special Summer Performance Announcement


Greetings friends!

I am stoked to announce that I have been invited to open up for the band Sherwood for their Portland show as part of their limited engagement West Coast Reunion Tour!!

Show Line-up


Kevin Lowder

Ragon Linde - Me!!

The Scapegoats

Tyson Motsenbocker

SHERWOOD - Headliner

When: Tuesday July, 19th.  Show starts at 6:30 p.m.

Where: The Analog Cafe and Theater - 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd; Portland, OR 97214

Show Price: $17

Ticket Link: http://www.aftonshows.com/RagonLinde

Please support me in this super exciting opportunity!  Purchase your tickets soon, this show will likely SELL OUT!  Check out the links above for the other artists too.  This is going to be a fun high energy show and I can't wait to be a part of it and hang-out with all of you after my set and listen to all the other great bands.  If you are not familiar with Sherwood, take a minute and check out these links:

 Sherwood Back Home Official Video

 Listen to New Album - Some Things Never Leave You on Apple iTunes

I can't wait to connect with everyone at the show on July 19th and I hope you are having a great summer!! 


June Gigs and New Releases


Greetings and Summer is Upon Us! 

Hello dear friends and I hope you are achieving your dreams thus far in 2016!  Like you, I have many things I hope to get done on this 3-day weekend, one of which is to reach out and let you know about some plans in the works for my music over the next few months and share a few things about what I have been up to this spring, so here goes!

June Shows:

It's been almost 10 years since I played a gig in Oklahoma, so I think it's about time! I will be back in Tulsa from 6/9 - 6/18 to attend my 30 year Nathan Hale HS Reunion and to see friends and family. Come join me Los Cabos in Owasso to have an adult beverage, Mexican food, and hear some tunes! I will be opening up for my friend Craig Seiler's group who will be playing immediately following my set.

When: Friday June 10th, 2016 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Where: Los Cabos - 9455 N Owasso Expy; Owasso, OK 74055

Later on in June, I will be playing another show with the talented song writerThomas Price.  Come out and finish your weekend right with food, drinks and tunes!

When: Sunday June 26th, 2016 from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Where: Jade Lounge - 2342 SE Ankeny; Portland, OR 97214

New Live Performance Video - Fake Plastic Trees:

In November of last year, I had the amazing opportunity to perform all 16 tracks from last years release - Under the Covers at Vox Academy.  I released the live audio from this concert as part of a live album - With Babies and Dogs earlier this year.  I am happy to announce the first video from that concert is now available on my You Tube channel!  Please check out Fake Plastic Trees featuring my good friend Saffire Bouchelion on percussion and vocals.  Thank you to Julie Garland for the fantastic job in editing and post production for this video.  Look for more videos from this concert to be released over the coming months!

New Recording Projects:

I am planning two new album releases over the next year.  The first will be an EP entitled Transitions.  Transitions will consist of 8 songs, 4 of these will be covers and 4 will be original pieces.  The 4 cover songs will be an eclectic mix of tunes by Fiona Apple, Rush, David Bowie, and Caetano Velosa.  Transitions will be very stripped down consisting of just acoustic guitar and vocals.  You can look for this new release in early August; it will be made available on-line only on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other on-line music retail sites as well as for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

My second release is a bit more of an ambitious undertaking that I have been thinking about for a few years.  The title of this album will be Borrowed Lines in Borrowed Time (or BLBT for short).  In this project I will be merging two art forms into a collection of 10 new original songs. Let me explain - One of my favorite and most influential drummers is Stanton Moore from the bandGalactic.  A few years ago I started studying out of a book of his called Groove Alchemy which features beats and grooves by many of the legendary funk drummers including Jabo StarksClyde Stubblefield, and Zigaboo Modeliste.  So, the 10 songs on this new album will be built around beats created by these masters of groove - hence Borrowed Time.   For the lyrical content in the project, I reached out to my Portland writer and poet friends to see who would be interested in contributing lyrical content that I could forge into funk songs.  As usual, they stepped up with some fabulous poems and stories and so I am pleased to announce that BLBT will utilize works from A. MolotkovCarrie-Ann Tkaczyk, and Paradama Purusha - hence Borrowed Lines.

So far, I have chosen the groves that will shape these new songs and recorded those as separate scratch tracks into ProTools.  drumsI then dumped those groves onto my Boss RC-300 Loop Station so that I could play with riff ideas and chord progressions. A few weeks ago on a song writing trip to the Oregon Coast, I assigned these grooves to the lyrical content and started the very early process of merging these Beats and Lines into the


beginnings of Songs!  Once I complete the release of Transitions later this summer, I plan to return to BLBT and hopefully complete the song writing process at the end of this year and start recording early 2017.  My goal is to be able to release BLBT in the summer of 2017!coast


Okay, well congratulations, you have reached the end of this newsletter!  I enjoy talking about the music making process and hope you enjoy reading. Have a spectacular summer and I hope to connect with many of you soon!


New Spotify Play List to fuel creativity